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The Modern College of Design Kicks Off January with New Cutting-Edge Courses

[KETTERING, OH, 1/9/20] January marks the beginning of a new semester at The Modern College of Design, the start of brand …
[KETTERING, OH, 1/9/20]

January marks the beginning of a new semester at The Modern College of Design, the start of brand new courses, and the addition of two new instructors. The college entered the second semester of its first Bachelor’s degree program with a combination of 23 full and part-time students. This class marks a historic moment in the school’s already acclaimed history.

The start of the winter semester brings new cutting edge courses to the Bachelor’s level curriculum that will help students prepare to become leaders in their field. New courses include Design Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning, Environmental Science, Branding, and Marketing Strategy. “We are thrilled to bring these new courses to our BA students and equip them with the tools they need to be leaders in design,” states Jessica Barry, president of The Modern College of Design. “Leaders are exposed to a variety of different thought processes, and these courses will give our students the tools they need to think outside of the box and understand the human element involved in great design.”

The Modern has welcomed Nadia North and Shane Sullivan, two new instructors to facilitate some of the new course offerings. Both instructors bring an incredible amount of experience with them.

Nadia North holds an MS in Biological Oceanography from Florida State University and a BS in Biology from Vanderbilt University. She has worked for multiple large universities and corporations carrying out jobs like developing environmental programs, directing undergraduate research projects, and even served as a pollution prevention coordinator for a large aerospace facility. Nadia teaches Environmental Science.

Shane Sullivan holds an M.Ed and a BS in Education from Wright State University. Shane has worked for many schools in the greater Dayton area including his current position with Kettering City Schools. Shane is also a member of the City of Kettering Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts board. Shane teaches Quantitative Reasoning.


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