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Externship Student Questionnaire

This form must be completed and submitted by Friday, November 2, for you to be eligible for PRO299: Externship. The externship runs from Monday, April 29 to Friday, May 24, 2019. If you have questions, please contact Sara Farr or Brian Petro.

Although The Modern College of Design Department of Career Services takes student preferences into account as much as possible during the placement process, we cannot guarantee placements.

    Do you have your own car and a valid license?

    NOTE: Externship placements can be up to an hour's drive from the city you specify; so, if you choose Dayton, you may need to drive to Columbus or Cincinnati. If you are interested in pursuing an externship outside of Ohio, it is your responsibility to secure travel arrangements and housing for the duration of your externship. Many students arrange to live with friends or family who reside out of state. However, if that is not an option for you, there may be other resources available to you at The Modern College of Design that can help you determine what your options are.

    If you need financial assistance to secure housing out of state: Email: Tracy Gardner, Director of Financial Aid. Tracy can help you determine whether additional financial aid funds can be secured to help pay for housing in your chosen externship city/state. If you are eligible for funds, Tracy will be able to inform you of the amount you are eligible for.

    If you need help finding a place to live out of state: There are options for finding housing that fits into your price range through a variety of resources such as AirBNB, hostels, hotels, apartments sublets, etc.

    Proof of housing must be submitted to Career Services before an out-of-state externship can be confirmed. Please note that The Modern College of Design does not provide or guarantee housing.