Trent Devine

Trent Devine is a 2021 Design Program Graduate of The Modern. Well before joining The Modern, Trent knew he wanted to …
Trent Devine is a 2021 Design Program Graduate of The Modern. Well before joining The Modern, Trent knew he wanted to study video. He remembers being as young as the fourth grade and just knowing this was the direction he wanted to go. Trent attended Ohio Hi-Point Career Center for his junior and senior years of high school. While at Hi-Point, he was able to take a multi-media marketing course that had a heavy focus on video. From that point, his love of video only grew! While Trent attended The Modern, he focused on video and web design. Before graduation, he had the incredible opportunity to do his externship at The Dayton Art Institute.

After graduation, Trent continued to work part-time with The Dayton Art Institute, while also working part-time at the Entrepreneurs Center as their videographer. In January of 2022, Trent started working part-time at Dayton 24/7 Now as a Production Assistant. In this role, he got to learn the ins and outs of the work done behind the camera. In August of 2022, Trent was promoted to Video Journalist with Dayton 24/7 Now!

Even with Trent just beginning his video journalism journey, he has already had the opportunity to cover some amazing stories. Trent has always been extremely interested in Professional Wrestling. In February of 2023, he had the opportunity to film a story about the PileDriver Professional Wrestling Academy opening in the Miami Valley. He was able to spend time talking and filming the head trainer for the school. Trent was able to capture the story behind the school starting in the Miami Valley.

Trent was also able to work on a story with the Board of Developmental Disabilities. During the pandemic, a group of self-advocates who were associated with the Developmental Disabilities Board worked with musician, Marcus McGlynn (via Zoom), who lives in London, to write songs to stay engaged. After three years of collaboration between Marcus and the group of self-advocates here in Dayton, the words to the songs were written and musicians added the accompanying music. Trent was able to film the concert that was performed when Marcus came from London to Dayton in April.

Trent is settling into his role with Dayton 24/7 Now and is excited to see where his career in video journalism takes him!

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