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Associate’s Program

Created for Careers

The Modern College of Design guides students through an intensive program that results in an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Design. Our courses are focused, aligned, and taught with one purpose in mind: to create exceptional designers. Below, you can learn about the program structure, specific courses, and what to expect while at The Modern.

Admissions Requirements

Students must have completed high school or earned their GED, and have achieved a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students also must present a portfolio of 8-10 pieces of work. Students also must score a minimum of 20 points on a five-tier rubric. 

Application Requirements

Students may apply beginning in their junior year of high school. All high school graduates or those who have earned a GED are invited to apply.

Full-Time Curriculum

Part-time, Accelerated, and Online program options are available


Introduction to Applications


Design Basics and Print Production


Web Design I


Photography Basics


English Composition


Art Essentials


Graphic Design I


Web Design II


Art Elective


Creative Writing


Introduction to Communications


Web Design III


Design Elective


Marketing I


Business and Ethics of Design




Portfolio Completion I


Advanced Communications



Please find textbook requirements for each class here. Students can purchase textbooks through The Modern or on their own.

Graphic Design

Make the world beautiful. The Modern student learns to design packaging, posters, brand identities, book covers, retail design, brochures, and more. Make your mark on the world through engaging and stimulating designs that increase engagement and excite audiences around the world.

Monica Alexander

Web Design

Creating beautiful websites is crucial because of our digital lifestyles. The Modern student uses HTML and CSS to develop fully functional, responsive websites, designing across multiple platforms.

Joelle Kaiser


In our digital age, customer service relies on an excellent user experience (UX). The number of user interfaces (UI) that are available to any given consumer is astounding. The Modern student concentrates on making designs accessible, intuitive, and attractive. Help build something that people love to use.

Bryce Herbst


Video is everywhere. As businesses attempt to create appropriate footage for their consumers, designers help produce targeted and engaging stories. The Modern student writes scripts, develops storyboards, and produces video.

Mark Wilson

Motion Design

Designs are on the move and not slowing down. Many industries understand the value of giving a user an engaging design that is anything but stagnant. The Modern student designs and animates 2D motion graphics to help businesses grow, websites improve, and users stay interested.

Brian Webb


In our content-heavy world, a striking photo can often cut through the noise. The Modern student gains a wide variety of experience in portraiture, product, fashion, and architectural photography. Using original photography in design projects allows students to see its practical application as they prepare for careers.

Alexis White


Capturing a shortening attention span demands a creative illustrator. The Modern student creates traditional and digital illustrations in a variety of styles and learns to see beyond the obvious. Students are encouraged to incorporate their original illustrations into many design projects.

Bree Beisner


Advertising agencies are looking for exceptional skill in a crowded marketplace. The Modern students are prepared to meet this demand as they receive practical training to lead as an Art Director and Creative Director in their own professional campaign. Students then use their professional work to create a variety of industry relevant advertisements.

Brooke Overly (Berger)


As marketing changes we prepare our students to stay relevant, agile, and successful in a variety of industries and markets. Students work collaboratively to create, design, and present marketing plans that are judged by industry leaders. Selected students are given the opportunity to compete in the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition.

2017 NSAC Team / District 5 Champions + Best Creative


Agencies and businesses need individuals who can implement solutions that are unique and inspiring. As markets get more crowded, the creative professional is in high demand. The Modern student is prepared to see beyond the obvious and incorporate creative solutions that stand above the industry average.

Bryce Herbst