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Employer Partnerships

The Modern College of Design offers various experiential learning opportunities that create value for your organization and Modern students. When participating in an Employer Partnership, each option offers unique benefits depending on your needs and goals.

Students often provide value to employers by participating in graphic design, web design, UI/UX, video, motion, illustration, photography, marketing, or social media projects. Your mentorship helps students learn to apply these skills in a professional work environment. All options can be paid or unpaid. Please see below for more details on each option.

Once the Career Services team understands your needs and goals, they will recommend the best option for you and your organization. Complete this form to connect with the Career Services team.

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    During this four-week course, students earning an Associate's Degree in Design work full-time with an employer for a minimum of 135 hours. Employers can extend the length of externships past the conclusion of the four-week course.


    During a time frame specified by the employer, students earning an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree work part-time or full-time.


    During this sixteen-week course, students earning a Bachelor's Degree in Design Leadership work full-time with an employer for a minimum of 420 hours.

    Graduate Employment

    Modern graduates can energize your team and bring fresh ideas or skills to your organization by working part-time, full-time, or as a contractor or freelancer. The Career Services team will connect you with a 3500+ alumni network, including entry-level and experienced talent, and help you find the right candidate!

    Classroom Experiences

    The Modern invites business leaders and organizations to participate in design thinking, business, communications, and marketing courses. These partnerships require a strong working relationship, open lines of communication, and interaction with students. The Modern also welcomes employers to participate as guest speakers and mock interviewers.

    Hire Talent

    Graduates from The Modern are uniquely skilled to take on the demands of tomorrow. We are happy to connect our new and experienced graduates with relevant positions you may have in the design field. Please fill out the form below to get started.

    Common Positions

    Agencies and businesses alike frequently hire our graduates as:

    • Graphic Designers

    • Web Designers

    • Web Developers

    • UI/UX Designers

    • Social Media Specialists

    • Art Directors

    • Freelance Designers

    • Motion Designers

    • Marketing Coordinators

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      Graduate Portfolios

      We could tell you how talented, disciplined, and prepared our alumni are after graduating from The Modern. We could talk about how our graduates are ready for the hottest careers in the design world. But the work speaks for itself.