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Develop your Portfolio

Are you interested in becoming a professional graphic designer at The Modern? Submitting your portfolio is an important part of the admissions process, and you most likely have everything you need to get started right on your phone.

Three Simple Steps to Creating a GREAT Portfolio!

#1 Create GREAT work

Whether sketching at home or doing a class project, take your time. Add creativity, detail, color, textures, and more to make your work unique.

#2 Select 8–10 pieces of your best work

Choose work representing your talent, skills, and passion for art and design. Your work can include photos, drawings, sketches, paintings, sculptures, digital graphics, websites, animations, videos, short stories, poems, and more.

If you create traditional art, you might choose sketches, graphite drawings, watercolor paintings, and a mixed-media self-portrait. Just take clear photos of each piece.

If you create digital art, you might include a website, photos, videos, t-shirt designs, and a logo. Just submit your digital files or a link to your website or slideshow.

#3 Email your photos to

If you don’t have artwork to share, submit a two-page essay describing your passion for becoming a graphic designer.