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Develop your Portfolio

If you are interested in attending The Modern, a review of your portfolio is a pivotal part of the admissions process. Your portfolio is an expression of your work, skill, passion, and style. As you think about how to best way present your portfolio, we’ve developed some tips to help. Those who do not possess samples of artwork can submit a two-page essay describing why they are passionate about pursuing a career in the design industry.


Choose 8–10 samples of artwork that best demonstrate your talent, creativity, and skills. Examples of artwork might include photography, graphic design, paintings, sketches, drawings, web design, video, animation, or short writing samples.

If you attend a career center, we want to see your digital work. If you have traditional work as well, you can bring it, but the focus should be on your digital pieces.

Submitting your Portfolio

Prospective students are prompted to submit samples of artwork or an essay after completing an application. Applicants should email their artwork to


The Modern accepts portfolios submitted via SlideRoom. We will also accept portfolios emailed to

Please note: The candidate will insure a $12 charge for the submission via SlideRoom

What To Submit

Candidates can upload PDF files, photos, or scans of their work

Digital Artwork

Graphic design, digital illustration, photography, web design.

Traditional Artwork

Drawings, paintings, water colors, colored pencils, mixed media. We prefer to review originals of traditional work.


Sketchbooks count as one piece in a portfolio. We love sketchbooks because they show your conceptual abilities and your process. You can fill them with anything and everything.

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