The Modern College of Design Students Help Local Nonprofits Improve Social Media Presence

Addressing real-life challenges in the classroom, The Modern College of Design students partner with two local nonprofits to help develop …
Addressing real-life challenges in the classroom, The Modern College of Design students partner with two local nonprofits to help develop a social media marketing plan and design guide.

The students presented their social media plans and design guides to Gail Matson, Executive Director of the Greene County Fish Food Pantry, and Eli Williams, CEO and President of Urban Light Ministries. Both organizations had a minimal presence on social media and were eager to receive assistance.

The Greene County Fish Food Pantry in Xenia serves families in Greene County. They provide food to families in need throughout the year and provided over 900 families with complete meals during Thanksgiving. The need continues to grow, and the Greene County Fish Food Pantry is seeking funds in a capital campaign to expand its operations. “Not enough people in the area know about the many services the FISH food pantry provides,” stated Gail Matson. “We just updated our website earlier this year, and the opportunity for The Modern students to help with our social media strategy could not have come at a better time.” We only posted a few times a month on Facebook. Now we have a comprehensive strategy and the necessary tools to post every week on all of the major social media platforms.”

Urban Light Ministries, located in Springfield, just released a new online community called Fathering Strong to expand its reach and provide fatherhood resources, encouragement, and support to fathers all over the United States. “Father Strong is a new online community that was launched in June. We now have over 200 fathers enrolled in the community and are seeking ways to grow,” stated Eli Williams. “Social media is a great tool that will help connect with fathers who need the help and support that Fathering Strong provides. Having the students at The Modern College of Design assist us with this new initiative was a true blessing. We now have a detailed social media strategy and the tools required to reach fathers and help keep building the Fathering Strong brand.”

Bruce Stapleton, the Instructor of the social media marketing class at The Modern College of Design, works as an adjunct instructor and owns the Movementum Group, a marketing agency that works with nonprofit organizations throughout the area. “I felt the best way for the students to learn how to use social media was to work in a real-world application with an organization that needed help,” said Bruce. “Many nonprofits do not have the time or resources to build and implement a social media marketing plan. As the students learned the material in the class, they could see how it directly impacted a business. Using their design and marketing skills, the students developed the tools and templates required to implement a comprehensive strategy. The nonprofits could take the plans presented and immediately implement them in their organizations.”

“Partnering with local small businesses and nonprofits is a great way for our students to receive hands-on experience applying the skills they learn.” Shared President Jessica Barry. “It is truly a win-win when we can help companies in the area while also teaching our students the necessary skills to be successful once they leave The Modern.”


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